Gauthier Toux Trio

Gauthier Toux Trio

New album The colours you see out on May 4th - Naim Records

A rising figure on the Swiss and European jazz scene, the trio lead by promising French pianist Gauthier Toux has developed a unique jazz sound, complex and lyrical, blended with many influences ranging from pop to hip hop. Created in Lausanne, Switzerland, where Gauthier graduated from prestigious HEMU music high school, the trio will present the music of its latest album "Unexpected Things" on stage. They are the laureates of 2016 prestigious prize of La Défense Jazz Festival (FR).




27 Mar B-flat Berlin, Germany Tickets
12 Apr L'Avant-Scène - Le Phénix Scène Nationale Valenciennes, France Tickets
1 May Weekly Jazz Chur, Switzerland Tickets
4 May Chorus Jazz Club Lausanne, Switzerland Tickets
5 May La Spirale - Gauthier Toux 6tet Fribourg, Switzerland Tickets
19 May SMAC 07 Théâtre de Viviers Viviers, France Tickets
25 May PANNONICA Nantes, France Tickets
26 May Institut Français de Londres - Cinéma Lumière London, United Kingdom Tickets
28 May Duc des Lombards Paris, France Tickets
31 May Moods Zurich, Switzerland Tickets


Laureates of the RéZZo Focal Jazz à Vienne 2017 competition, we are honoured and thrilled to introduce our upcoming album on the prestigious stage of the Antique theater of Vienne, France on July 13th, in the frame of an “All night jazz” featuring Dhafer Youssef, Electro Deluxe…Come meet us today March 22nd for a Parisian […]

The first leg of the trio’s 2018 tour has begun, introducing the new repertoire from the upcoming release due in May 2018. The trio will be travelling between, France, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland and Germany between January and April!

Unexpected Things

[Le Gauthier Toux Trio] délivre une musique d’une étonnante intensité (...) dont l’effet de séduction est immédiat (...) Voilà une formation qu’on a envie de découvrir sur scène tant on pressent qu’elle est en mesure de faire parler la poudre. Et puis disons les choses simplement :Unexpected Things est un disque assez majestueux qui en impose... Denis Desassis

NoMadMusic, 2016